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EVERRUG Carpet Cleaning NY is your trusted cleaning expert in NYC and beyond. Known for our vast experience in the carpet cleaning industry as well as our team of professional deep-clean experts, we take carpet cleaning and maintenance very seriously. After all, the carpet is one of the most important and noticeable components of your home. EVERRUG Carpet Cleaning makes sure you get the professional carpet deep-cleaning services you deserve!

Why Get Professional Carpet Cleaning Services?
If you can vacuum and clean your carpets yourself why, indeed, spend for carpet cleaning services? The answer is simple. Professional cleaners guarantee professionally cleaned results. Not all stains can be removed by the same cleaning solutions. In the same way, different carpet materials require specialized cleaning processes. And if you have family members who are susceptible to harsh, chemical-based cleaning solutions, you need organic cleaning services that take care of your carpets and your family’s health. When it comes to the safe and thorough cleaning of your carpets, you need to trust ONLY the experts.

Deep Cleaning Expertise You Can Count On!
Our professional cleaners make sure that the cleaning process goes deeper than just the surface of your carpet. Through a deep-clean procedure using hot-water extraction, we are able to clean your carpets without leaving permanent damage to its fibers. This cleaning process is especially needed if the carpet is located in a high-traffic area or if stains, dirt, and other contaminants have seeped into the carpet’s deepest layers. We work hard to deliver quality work for all of our clients. Whether you have wool and silk carpets or acrylic and synthetic fiber carpeting in your home, EVERRUG Carpet Cleaning guarantees high-quality results at all times.

Our philosophy is simple. We take carpet cleaning seriously.
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