Sheepskin Rug Cleaning


EVERRUG® Sheepskin rug cleaning NY. Sheepskin rugs can serve various roles in the home: they can be draped over furniture for elegance and comfort, or can cover any type of flooring to give it a more glamorous look. At everRug, we offer professional sheepskin rug cleaning services in a unique and innovative way that guarantees amazing results (without damage or yellowing of the fabric). What’s more, your sheepskin rug will look fluffy and 100% cleaned, without stains and germs.

Why you should use our Services

Sheepskin rugs are valuable assets to any home. They are not only warm and soft, but they also add a very sophisticated look to a room. The size of your sheepskin rug will depend on the number of pelts that have been connected together – this is usually measured as single, double, triple and so on. One of their main advantages is that they are very durable and can last longer than most man-made fibers. However, the only way to prolong their life is by getting them cleaned by experts. Improper cleaning techniques can significantly shorten the lifespan of your rug.

When dust and dirt accumulates in between the rug, cleaning becomes a daunting task; especially if the rug is large in size. Trying to clean to sheepskin rug on your own can be disastrous. Since the fibers are very sensitive, you may end up damaging the whole fabric if you use the wrong choice of cleaning process or cleaning material. At everRug, we the necessary knowledge and expertise in taking care of your sheepskin rug and effectively cleaning all types of rug discolorations such as mud stains, spill stains, blood, urine or vomit.

- Final Word

By using our sheepskin rug cleaning services, you can be assured that the procedure will be done proficiently and you will not have to worry about the rugs losing their quality or getting damaged.