Flokati Rug Cleaning

Flokati Rug Cleaning in NYC.

EVERRUG® - The Best Company for Flokati Rug Cleaning in NYC
Irrespective of the kind of rug you’ve been using, we can clean and remove the spots until it looks brand new. EVERRUG® offers the best Flokati rug cleaning services in the area. We have been offering high quality services at affordable prices to all our customers. Our well trained and skilled staff has allowed us to build a strong reputation among our customer base. We only use advanced techniques of rug cleaning to make sure your carpets stay in excellent condition for a long time. This has allowed us to outperform our competition in every regard.

EVERRUG® offers a comprehensive treatment program for your expensive rugs. We use state of the art equipment and modern drying rooms to make sure all the dirt and stains are properly cleaned from your rug. This allows us to utilize deep cleaning procedures to bring back your rug to life.

Our High End Cleaning Process
EVERRUG® has a modern cleaning unit where we use only latest equipment combined with efficient Flokati rug cleaning processes. We properly inspect your rug, identify all the stains and even determine the perfect cleaning method. In the beginning, we treat areas which have been heavily soiled to remove deep stains.

We also give your rug a thorough wash so that all the stains are completely removed. Once we’re done, your rug looks brand new and spotless. You won’t be able to find even a blemish on the surface of the rug. In case you want, EVERRUG also offers moth treatment and deodorization services to improve the results.

We make sure the color of your rug does not fade, and there are no damages to your rug. Other rug cleaning companies don’t pay much attention during the cleaning process. They only try to remove stains from the surface, and don’t take any precautions to preserve the quality of your rug. Thus, colors may fade in the process. On the other hand, everRug® focuses on providing the best services at affordable prices.